Start the Job Hunt with a Professional Resume

When starting a job hunt, your most powerful tool is your resume. Depending on your industry and whether you are a professional or a student, details might vary but the general principles apply to every resume. Read below my tips for a professional resume.

#1 One Page

This is so important, I gave it its own section. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, keep your resume to ONE page. Recruiters spend an average of 10 seconds reading a resume. Make sure that everything they read is relevant and keeps them interested. Even if your resume is passed through a software first, eventually, a real human is going to go over it. 

#2 Formatting

It might be tempting to abide by the one-page rule by decreasing the font size, eliminating the margins, and getting rid of whitespace. Don’t.

If your resume is hard to read, no one’s going to bother. Pick a standard font (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.), make it at least 10 points, use bold and italics sparingly (nothing is special if everything is highlighted), and use whitespace to divide your content. 

Make your name bigger than the rest of the resume and put all the ways the company can reach you near it. For example:

Leira Sanchez | 787-555-5555 | in/leirasanchez

In all aspects, your resume should be consistent. 

#3 Content

This is the hardest part about writing a resume. Sure, it might look nice but does it convey the right message? The shortcut I use is breaking the experiences down with the PAR acronym.

Problem – the problem you were tasked with

Action – the actions you took

Results – the results of your actions

Every one of my professional experiences is broken down in three bullet points. For other experiences, I might condense it into one line/bullet.

Are there any tips you can think of? Share it with us!

Stay tuned for our next article with tips about LinkedIn!


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